Walking Back to Saskatoon

Dave Nordin

Start date May 20, 2016
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Dave Nordin

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                Whatever would possess a man to want to walk ~600 kilometers  across the prairies? I woke one morning last fall with the idea in my head and just liked the idea of it. A take off on the old Guess Who song  “Running Back to Saskatoon”. I went to university in Saskatoon and have lived in Calgary since 1985, so the song always resonates with me. I was born and raised on a farm NE of Prince Albert and have driven the highway to Saskatoon more times than I can remember. See the map for the route.

                My first thought was to fundraise for the Ore Gangue Alumni Bursary Fund. I have been deeply connected to the Ore Gangue for more than 35 years so that was a natural fit for me. I’ve put more info on the Charities page. My hope is that this effort can help raise the profile of this fund and bring them closer to their goal.

                I also realize that this cause may not appeal to a broader audience and so I’ve also teamed up with the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Both of my parents died of heart disease and I have a personal connection to this organization, canvassing door to door for them for many years. I have a faulty valve in my heart, which we have chosen not to repair. I’m trying to limit my risk through diet, exercise, reducing stress and the use of cholesterol medication.

                The walk is ~600 kms, which I intend to complete in approximately a month. My route is via the same highway I’ve driven so many times before. At 59 years old, I’m wise enough to build rest days into my plan, so every 4-5 days, I’ll be stopping for a “Golf Day”, currently scheduled for Drumheller, Oyen, Kindersley and Rosetown. As long as they have carts!

                If you feel you’d like to come out for a day or two, get some sun, walk along with me and have a few laughs, please do. I’ll keep my progress updated on the website map, Facebook and via Twitter.

                Please follow the links to the Ore Gangue and Heart and Stroke pages for more information and an opportunity to donate. No offense to the Movember people but….. If you can give to someone who does LESS for a month, just think what you might give to someone doing A WHOLE LOT MORE?

If you see Dave Nordin, he’ll astound

To Saskatoon back he is bound

The 20th of May

He`ll begin his foray

Raising funds while the pavement he pounds.